Buskers Required for the Laya Healthcare SPWC 2013 Buskers Stage


This year we have added a busker’s stage to the bill at the 7th annual Street Performance World Championships in Merrion Square and we are looking for YOUR participation.  This in from Rob of The Laya Healthcare Street Performers World Championships This year we have added a busker’s stage to the bill at the 7th annual Street Performance World Championships in Merrion Square and we are looking for YOUR participation.    Are you a musician, comedian, circus act, can you engage a crowd through spoken word or burn up a dance floor with your moves? We want to know what tricks you’ve got up your sleeve and we’re open to suggestions, maybe what you do is so out-there that nobody’s put a word on it yet! There’s just one thing this is a family friendly event so keep it PG folks.    The Street Performance World Championship (SPWC) is Ireland’s 2nd … There’s more

Spark and Line Exhibition @ Gallery Zozimus

heidi wickham, michael budd

Spark and Line, says sculptor Michael Budd is a joint exhibitionism with the illustrator Heidi Wickham that opened at Gallery Zozimus, Frances Street, Dublin, on the 23rd of May at 6pm and runs to the 7th of June. Heidi has based her work around images of the forge and my work in a response to how I feel working as an artist in Ireland today. This is the first time Heidi and I have worked together on a project and it has been extremely enjoyable. I love Heidi’s evocative, playful work. Attached are photos of Heidi and myself at the opening and one piece of Heidi’s work and acrylic painting called Blacksmith’s block. Also a photo of one of my sculptures, The Gift that keeps on oppressing, which is 500mm square and has over 30 meters of forged steel in it. 30 metres. Three. Zero. That’s wider than your house. … There’s more

Feel the power(boating)


I was looking for an alternative gift for a friend last Christmas and came across a deal for powerboating with Adventure Training Ireland. The lads run city kayaking, powerboating and sailing from their base at North Wall Quay by the Jeanie Johnston. We booked in for last Saturday morning and on the stroke of 11am, made our way out onto the river for the two hour experience. Jonathan, our guide, ran us through the basics of powerboating and then handed the controls over to us. We cruised up the Liffey as far as the Ha’penny, getting to see a few bridges as we went but the low tide wouldn’t allow us to venture further. Turning around and heading for the harbour, we got some practice at slaloming through the dolphins that protect the Samuel Beckett bridge and passed the Lauren L luxury yaucht moored by Sir John Rogerson’s Quay. The … There’s more

Competition: Tickets to Gardiner St Gospel Choir in concert

GSGC - Lift Your Voice

Peter posted about Gardiner St Gospel Choir’s upcoming gig in the O’Reilly Theatre and they’ve been in touch to offer us a pair of tickets to Friday’s gig (8pm, €15 with tickets here). As you know, the choir are launching their album Raise Your Voice, and raising much needed funds for Headway and Temple Street Children’s Hospital. They’ve also got some fantastic raffle prizes including; tickets to Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Delorentos, Robbie Williams, a digital camera, dinner vouchers, craft goods and lots more. COMPETITION CLOSED: Congrats to Hugh Fahey! Enjoy So, how do you win tickets? All you need to do is send us an email to competitions[at]culch.ie with the name of one of the album tracks (you’ll find them here) and make sure to include your name. We’ll choose a random winner tomorrow (23rd May) at 7pm. Best of luck!

Saint John The Gambler – Five Miles to Vaudeville

st john the gambler

I first heard of St John The Gambler around 2 years odd years ago now at year 1 of The Spirit of Folk festival. Before I go any further, it is at this point that I may now add their name to a small list that also contains The Pixies, The White Stripes and Nirvana. Bands I could have gone to see, had tickets to or was there [in SJTG's case] and never made it to the gig. Further, they are gigs I missed and now deserve a good flogging for, in the village sqaure of some random hypothetical french 17th century town whilst the locals lash rotten fruit at me and call for my head. Hindsight, you bastard. Saint John the Gambler is an exciting original Gypsy-Swing band with a dance-inducing spirit. This Dublin-based band have melded sounds from by-gone eras and distant lands with modern songwriting taking in … There’s more

Gardiner Street Gospel Choir @ The O’Reilly Theatre, Dublin 1

The Gardiner Street Gospel Choir 2013

May 10th 2013, The Gardiner Street Gospel Choir launched their 2nd album Lift Your Voice. Word on the grapevine is it’s an absolute corker, but fair being fair, I’ll review that just as soon as I give it a full and proper listen to.  In the meantime, Friday May 24th sees them officially launch album no. 2 as they play The O’Reilly Theatre Dublin 1. Tickets for the gig are priced just €15 and a fine evenings entertainment mildly resting to one side, the bi-product of a cracking night out is that proceeds raised will be split between two fantabulous charities namely Headway and Temple Street Children’s Hospital. Can’t catch ‘em May 24th ? Not to fret, as the choir will be opening The Soul Picnic at The Dublin City Soul Festival on the May 26th @ 12pm. Never heard The GSGC before and maybe wondering if they are any … There’s more

Star Trek: Into Darkness


This is basically a stream of consciousness seen as I saw it this morning. It doesn’t contain spoilers. Star Trek: Into Darkness is the follow up to J.J. Abram’s 2009 film which introduced a time travelling element, skilfully avoiding pissing off the fanbase and setting a clean slate. As the name suggests, things get a bit darker in this one with Benedict Cumberbatch’s John Harrison the baddie that is out to get Star Fleet. Cumberbatch’s performance is gripping and he provides a menacing presence whenever he shares a scene. Chris Pine’s Kirk is the man in pursuit of Harrison and Pine gets the opportunity to really add some meat to the character’s bones this time around. Speaking of “Bones” McCoy, I really liked Karl Urban’s portrayal of the Doc in the first movie and he gets some brilliant lines this time around too. The rest of the Enterprise crew are … There’s more

The Harleys @ The Slaughtered Lamb

The Harleys

Without question, The Harleys have to be one of the finest outfits I have ever seen. And it was last night just pure adrenalin spine tingling old school hard rock that you just cannot help but wanna drink a bottle of Jack Daniels to and throw a telly out of some random hotel window. Or something like that…. that I loved every second of. listen to ‘The Harley’s @ The Slaughtered Lamb’ on Audioboo Even the brutal bit of audio I recorded makes me wanna close my eyes and bounce some imaginary random object off a wall; and in that context it sounds genius; though its only brutal by the default fact that the place was jammers as grown men and women rolled the clock back and literally let it all out of their system. I saw them play The Slaughtered Lamb in Swords who, credit where it is due … There’s more

A Good Day to avoid Die Hard


This will be short. The film was so poor, it doesn’t deserve many words. However, I do feel the need to warn you off it. Bruce Willis’s latest visit to John McClane’s insane life is A Good Day to Die Hard. Presumably they couldn’t fit Sam Jackson or Justin Long into the budget, so this time McClane is joined by his son, poorly acted by Jai Courtney. There is no plot. No really, I looked and couldn’t find one. I did however find plenty of explosions and car chases and explosions and fire and jumping through CG windows and explosions. There was also a shed load of awful dialogue. If McClane said “I’m on vacation” one more time, I was going to hurl my overpriced Maltesers at the oversized IMAX screen. Life of Pi belongs in IMAX, The Dark Knight Rises belongs in IMAX, Prometheus, The Hobbit, Ghost Protocol, they … There’s more

Tech: Microsoft Office 365

As part of the launch of Microsoft 365, Microsoft are talking about how technology in general helps people to save time and spend it with their families, relaxing or doing other worthwhile things. Not too sure about the marathons, housework or the social calendar for that matter. Of note also…. Surface Windows RT will be available from 14th February in Ireland as well as in twelve other European countries. With that Microsoft has more than doubled the number of countries in which Surface RT is sold and it can be purchased from Feb 14, 2013 in the Microsoft Store online www.microsoftstore.ie  Surface Windows RT will also be available in the coming weeks through retail in Ireland.

New Irish RADIO: 8Radio.com

Simon Maher (2nd from right) with northern rockers "Therapy?"

That’s right, yes indeed, while there may be a veritable articulated truck-load of radio stations already populating the Irish FM and digital airwaves, vying for the attention of your poor, confused and battered ears, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for one more… does it?

New Irish Music Video: Kodaline – High Hopes

kodaline, high hopes

This via Broadsheet, who note: And then you might like a nice cup of tea.The genuinely gripping High Hopes by Kodaline.Mike Donnelly writes: A New Kodaline video by the same writer/director as All I Want. Starring Liam Cunningham & Niamh Large. Directed by Stevie Russell; Edited by Tony Kearns; Cinematography by Piers McGrail; Produced by Michael Donnelly It was just too great a video not to reblog….  Like that ? Try this one: All I want.  

New Irish Music: Superstar Tradesmen

superstar tradesmen

Superstar Trademen are a Dublin based rock/ indie band made up of Connor Quinn, Brian Donnelly and Paul Moran. With gigs already under their belt in venues such as Whelans, the Academy, The Tara Rocks Festival and support to none other than Damian Dempsey, they are I think its fair to say [quite obviously] making fine tracks in the Irish music scene. Keep Writing by Superstar Tradesmen  That said, new Irish music is the title and that pretty much leaves the next bit over to you. In the go forth and listen department and highly recommended is the bands soundcloud page where you’ll find the likes of my favourite track Keep Writing and others like One Night Stand. More than that, the big Q has always been would I spend my hard earned dollars on their first album [?]: you’re damn right I would. Wanna find out more: Superstar Tradesmen … There’s more

New Irish Music: Wicker Bones – The Employee

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of the very lovely people that are Wicker Bones here at Culch Towers. And with all this talk of The Gathering and being Irish and having just watched The Quiet Man over Christmas and me tura lura laaaaaaay and that Specsavers advert were he shears his sheep dog…. well, I was feeling a wee bit melancholy. Fair enough, just the first sentence is true. But I do have a grá for new, real Irish music and it did make me smile when I got this email in through my letter box. Hi Peter, Just sending you a quick mail about a video we shot with Mark Doyle of The Ceol Train. In it we are playing “The Employee” which will be featured on our upcoming debut album due to be recorded early 2013. It was recorded live upstairs in The Pint on Eden Quay.   … There’s more